Modified clutch baskets for DL 1000 V Strom and SV 1000  Suzuki

Making clutch chudder, clutch slap, clutch vibration HISTORY with our WERKS modified clutch baskets!

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Now expanding our line of Quiet Ride windshields! Prototype testing for Suzuki DL 650 2012+ is nearly complete. As with our BMW RT Quiet Ride, this will give owners the quietest, least turbulent ride possible. 

WERKS Quiet Ride Windshields:Simply the least turbulence, least noise, maximum visibility available in an upgraded windshield for your new RT!

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WERKS products are shipped and used around the world! Serving riders in the most extreme conditions, or for those on a weekend ride. Our modified clutch baskets for Suzuki DL and SV 1000, Kawasaki KLV 1000 transform those bikes!

Now introducing our WERKS Quiet Ride windshields. Available now for 2014 and newer BMW R 1200 RT LC ( wethead ).

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For years the only answer to getting rid of clutch chudder was to buy a new OEM clutch basket. That only lasted for a while as once you know the feel of the vibrations of a worn basket you can feel them coming on in well under 10,000 miles on an OEM clutch basket. Suzuki DL 1000, SV 1000 and Kawasaki KLV 1000 all have a design flaw in the clutch basket that promotes wear. This causes internal parts to move out of place. This puts the clutch basket out of balance, but most importantly effects the damper springs ability to control power pulses from the engine. This results in an uncontrolled vibration known as clutch chudder.

The engineering and fabrication that go into the design of a WERKS modified clutch basket address these OEM problems and improve upon the original designs performance and durability. 

For more details go to Clutch Basket Info. To Purchase a modified clutch basket or have yours modified to WERKS standards, go to Basket Purchase.

Not only do our WERKS modified clutch baskets perform better than even a brand new OEM clutch basket, they STAY that way!​​