EXCHANGE PROGRAM:  We try to keep in stock fully modified clutch baskets built on good used cores for DL 1000 early style, DL 1000 late style, and SV 1000 Suzuki models. To help insure the owners replaced clutch basket is returned for us to build for the next owner there is an exchange program core fee. For US customers a fee of $120 is added to the modification cost for a total up front of $430. Once an unbroken/unmodified clutch basket is returned a refund of $100 will be made to the customer. Net cost for the program is then $20. For International customers the fee is $150 added to the modification cost for a total up front of $460 plus shipping. When the customers old basket is returned in good shape, you will get a $130 refund. Net cost is still $20 just like US customers. PLEASE help us help others by returning the replaced basket in a timely manner. 4 weeks should be plenty, if more time is needed please contact us. This program is very popular and it is hard to keep enough cores around to meet demand in peak season. This allows the owner to do the clutch basket replacement in one short period. No long downtime, no losing parts, less forgetting where they go! Call or e-mail about availability on an exchange program  for 2014 and newer DL 1000 models. Shipping to Canada adds $30, International customers typically pay $50unless it is a remote destination with extraordinary fees.  Sales tax will be added for Texas addresses. Customer is responsible for returned basket shipping costs.

SEND IN YOUR BASKET FOR MODIFICATION:  Cost is $310 for all versions (DL, SV, KLV). Free return shipping is included in that price for United States delivery addresses. Sales tax will be added for Texas addresses. Canadian addresses add $30 for shipping. Other International shipping addresses typically add $50 unless it is a remote destination with extraordinary fees. Typical build time is one business day to ship back. If they arrive Friday or Saturday, probably won't ship till Monday. Customer baskets sent in are built ahead of new and exchange program builds.


SHIPPING DAMAGE:  Any shipping damage must be reported withing 24 hours of receipt of package! Damage caused by dropping the clutch basket, damage caused by tools inserted in the basket to hold it are NOT covered by warranty or shipping insurance!


HOW TO ORDER: There are no PAY NOW  buttons for basket purchase. We need to be sure the customer is getting exactly what they need so some information is needed. Many times customers have saved a LOT of money by taking our advise on what needs to be purchased and what does not. You can submit information to us using the form below, or you can use our e-mail   to send your name, shipping information, phone number ( especially on International orders as Customs requests that) and most importantly your bikes information. Year, model, mileage, and a brief summary of what problems you are having with the bike such as lower rpm vibrations, clutch noise, rough clutch engagement. We also need to know if you want an OEM gasket, clutch hub tool, or other part sent with the basket to complete the job in one step. We will get right back to you with any questions or send an invoice that allows secure online payment with credit card or let us know if you would prefer a PayPal invoice.  PayPal is the only method of payment accepted for International orders.

WARRANTY:WERKS basket modifications are warranted for One Year from date of purchase. Unlimited mileage. Warranty covers only the modifications and WERKS Parts LLC is NOT responsible any other damages or components. Labor is NOT covered. Repair or replacement of modified basket is the discretion of WERKS Parts LLC. Shipping charges not included. Please contact WERKS Parts LLC with any warranty questions or concerns before return shipping.


NEW OEM CLUTCH BASKETS WITH FULL WERKS MODIFICATIONS:   We normally have in stock new baskets with full WERKS modifications for DL 1000 and SV 1000 Suzuki models. Current price is $595 for the new OEM basket with full modifications for the DL 1000 model. New OEM clutch baskets with full modifications for the SV 1000 are $655. Free shipping included to United States addresses. Sales tax will be added for Texas addresses.  Canadian shipping addresses add $30 for shipping. International customers other than Canada typically add $50 unless it is a remote destination with extraordinary fees. All DL 1000 new clutch basket builds are built on the 2018 DL 1000 style clutch basket. This has a stronger top plate but otherwise is indentical to later production DL 1000 clutch baskets. Bolt in swap, no modification needed. This means ALL DL 1000's through current production can use this new modified OEM basket from WERKS Parts. New SV 1000 clutch baskets are built on the current replacement SV 1000 part.

PARTS YOU MAY NEED:    We keep these in stock. Can be shipped with the clutch basket.

CLUTCH COVER GASKET:  We recommend the OEM gasket.  $17.50 each

Clutch Hub Nut:  This is the 30mm nut that holds the hub onto the transmission shaft.   $10.95 each

( two shown in picture, price is for one hub nut)

Clutch Hub Tool: Please don't try to remove your clutch basket without a holding tool!    $19.50 each

Clutch Basket Hub Bearing: Double row needle bearing. You won't need one, but I keep them around.   $29.50 each

I also keep new  dowel pins  and the large snap ring for the oil pump drive gear.  Check with us for pricing on those. We may have used oil pump drive gears, snap rings, and dowel pins, depending on availability.

Customs fees or duties, if any, are solely the responsibility of the purchaser. 

WERKS Parts clutch shop will be closed Wed. June 30th through July 16. No clutch shipping or exchange check ins during that time.