2004 - 2012 Late Style DL

2014 and up DL 1000

SV 1000

2002 - 2003 "early style" 

open springs

2004 - 2012 "late style" DL 1000

2014 and newer DL 1000

​​SV style-double springs



This is a fully modified WERKS clutch basket. The WERKS second bearing is installed to support the outer spring plate and aluminum basket to the steel driven gear

This is a new OEM clutch basket. The top plate is riveted to the basket. No bearing to support it against the hub of the steel gear

While upgrading the main bearing and locating/locking the inner plate make the WERKS clutch baskets better than a new OEM clutch basket, we didn't stop there! Prototype units were built using an innovative second bearing to support the basket. The factory OEM design has only the one bearing surface in the aluminum basket. That works ok, but there is evidence that the clutch basket moves around even when that bearing is in good shape. The WERKS second bearing is mounted on the opposite side of the steel driven gear and pressed into the top or outer steel spring retainer plate. This was an instant improvement in overall smoothness and a big part of why the WERKS modified clutch baskets are smoother than a brand new OEM clutch basket. Possibly one of the reasons WERKS modified baskets cure "clutch slap", the abrupt engagement of the clutch on harder takeoffs. This bearing keeps the basket aligned properly with the other clutch components and keeps them from binding. These bearings are machined and fabricated in the WERKS Parts shop. All bearings, bushings, machine work, fabrication are done in house at WERKS Parts! 

​Finished bearing. Less bevel on the edges means a wider bearing surface area to better support the loads

Bearing being pressed into place

The factory casting has no machine work done to it. That means the bearing surface the steel driven gear runs on is not very precise. Casting techniques can get it "close" but not as good as proper machine finish and location. Often they are egg shaped and off center. With the beveled edges the surface is not as wide as it could be. Compare the factory bearing to a WERKS installed 660 Bronze bearing. These are installed after carefully centering the basket in the lathe and boring to size. This is the foundation of the basket and starting out perfectly centered is critical to performance.




CHUDDER TEST: While riding through the 2500-4000 rpm range, lightly feather the clutch lever. Just enough to load the pressure plate, but not enough to cause the rpms to flare up and the clutch slip. Do this while pulling away from a stop or turning onto an entrance ramp where you would normally be feeling some vibrations in the 2500-4000 rpm range as you accelerate through that range. If you feel the engine smooth out significantly, you can be sure the clutch basket is causing much of these vibrations! *

*Feathering the clutch lever will always make the engine feel smoother even with a modified clutch basket. It is absorbing some of the power pulses when you do this. But there won't be very much difference with the modified basket whereas a worn one can be dramatic.

If you ride a Suzuki DL 1000, SV 1000, or a Kawasaki KLV 1000 you probably have heard of "clutch chudder". A very noticeable vibration as you ride thru the 2,500-4,000 rpm range. Can actually rattle parts of the bike as you ride thru those rpms! Often accompanied by metallic noises from the clutch side of the engine, especially at idle. 
For years the only "fix" for clutch chudder was to install a new factory basket. And wait for the chudder to return after several thousand miles. Or you could live with it and say it is just "big twin vibration" and ride above 4000 rpm to stay away from it. Now with the WERKS clutch basket modification you can ride chudder free without worry that you will be replacing the OEM clutch basket when chudder becomes unbearable.

The WERKS basket modifications address the weak points in the factory design that lead to chudder, noise, and vibrations above 2,500 rpm caused by worn internal parts. Many prototype designs were built, each one lending proof of what worked to improve the basket or what did not make a useable difference. Only by development and testing can real world improvements in performance be proven. There are many hundreds of thousands of miles on the WERKS basket design. In real world back to back testing the WERKS basket design has proven to be smoother than even a brand new basket!  

2002 - 2003 Early Style DL

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