Starting with this from a 2014 DL 1000 owner:

​I bought the bike the last weekend of May of this year and have 10k miles on it now and the "idle hammer" has not subsided at all. It is so prevalent, that a good friend of mine who was planning on purchasing a V-strom, purchased a Triumph Tiger instead after riding mine. 

Installation solved Idle Hammer noise. Follow up 13,000 miles after installation:

I have nothing new to report since I last emailed you in the summer, which is excellent. The only thing that has changed is the miles on the bike. I have detected no perceptible change or increase in idle hammer and the mileage as of this morning is right under 23k.




Once the rotor bolt is removed, take the machined bearing carrier and thread it into the magneto cover. This is making sure that it threads correctly and more importantly to give you a feel of how it threads with no shaft installed. 

Idle Hammer Tamer    2002-2012 DL 1000 - SV 1000   $184.99

 It does sound a lot better though and I'm quite happy with the results. The idle hammer is now down to an acceptable level and the bike sounds great. Thanks very much for your follow up and support. 


WERKS               ​ Idle Hammer Tamer

​Using a 10mm Allen key remove the round inspection cover in the center of the magneto cover. That will not be reused. Looking into the hole you will see a bolt head that holds the rotor in place. Using a 17mm socket remove this bolt. That bolt is not reused. 

2014+ DL 1000 M14 shaft.

Replaces rotor fastener.

Designed and engineered to replace the factory magneto rotor hold down bolt and the magneto cover inspection plug. The bike can be put back to stock appearance at any time, no modifications to the bike are required. The magneto bolt is replaced with a bolt/shaft combination. The inspection plug is replaced with a machined aluminum bearing carrier assembly. It uses the same 0-ring to seal the carrier as the factory design does. It is a one piece self contained unit that comes ready to install. The bearing rides on the shaft that also holds the rotor in place, thereby supporting the crankshaft and damping the noise of Idle Hammer. 

Hi Terry
I have to say I am thoroughly impressed with the 2 kits i installed in my 2002 V strom 1000. The idle hammer tamer took 5 minutes to install after you sent me some instructions and  the bike felt smoother at idle for sure,. I did the clutch basket last night and all is now quiet with my motor. It shifts so easy and that growl and vibration totally gone when you accelerate. All rpm levels is silky smooth.. I also found that someone had installed the bevel washer in the wrong order.  I followed your very detailed video and it was a piece of cake for the first timer tackling and internal engine task.  I was going to sell my bike and get a New Vee but i think I will get a couple more years out of  her.



If your Idle Hammer Tamer bearing carrier takes significantly more force to thread in with the shaft installed than without it, it could mean the magneto cover is out of alignment. There is only one dowel pin in them for alignment and depending on how it was tightened down it can be off enough to cause interference. Most won't be, but do not try to force the bearing carrier into position with a tool. If required you will need to remove the magneto cover. Clean up the mating surfaces and use a new magneto cover gasket ( Suzuki part # 11483-02F10 ). Before fully tightening thread in the bearing carrier. Adjust the magneto cover until you get smooth movement as the carrier threads into the case. Then tighten and double check the alignment of the bearing carrier for smooth rotation. If that is good, securely tighten with the pin wrench.

I am currently out of Idle Hammer Tamers. I hope to find the time to machine a new batch over the next few weeks. 

​Figure 3   Installing the shaft

Next, and the most important step, is to test fit the aluminum bearing carrier. It should thread in over the shaft by hand with at most a little more resistance than it had when threading it in place without the shaft. If there is significant resistance, go to "Plan B" below. 

Installation can be very simple and quick. As long as the magneto cover case is close enough in alignment, it can be a 5 minute job!

A 10mm Allen key, 17mm socket, 18 mm socket, and a torque wrench are required for installation. The special pin wrench used to tighten the bearing carrier comes with the Idle Hammer Tamer as well as a small Allen key for the stainless set screws. Loctite 242 is included in the kit. There are two kits available, one to fit all DL 1000 and SV 1000 2002-2012 and the other kit for 2014+ DL 1000 ( they use a 14mm fastener for the rotor instead of the 12mm found in earlier models).

2002-2012 DL & SV 1000. M12

​shaft replaces rotor fastener.

Warranted for one year. Limited to refund of original purchase price. Customer is responsible for correct installation. WERKS Parts LLC assumes NO liability for use, installation, damage caused by this part. 

Figure 1    Magneto cover inspection plug

I am currently out of Idle Hammer Tamers. I hope to find the time to machine a new batch over the next few weeks. 

The WERKS Idle Hammer Tamer is designed to make a significant reduction in Idle Hammer noise. In many cases it may not be heard at all. 

What is Idle Hammer? In the 2002 to current year DL 1000, and the SV 1000 V Twin Suzuki engines there can be a noise that sounds like a wooden mallet striking the engine case. Only heard at idle. Worse or only present when engine is fully warm and may be quite noticeable after spirited riding in high temps when pulling up to a stop light. Goes away when throttle is applied, sometimes lessens when pulling in the clutch lever. NOT to be confused with clutch basket noises, they are completely  separate sources of noise. Quite common for it to first appear after the bikes first service at 5-600 miles after the oil is changed. Caused by movement in the crankshaft. It is NOT a cause of failure in the engine, but some owners find it quite annoying. 

If the bearing carrier threads in without significant force, then put several drops of the supplied loctite around the threaded area. Thread it in till the o-ring touches. Then using the supplied pin wrench tighten it till you fell the o-ring bottom out and then a gentle snug to make sure it is tight. 

Kit comes with a pin wrench to install bearing carrier into magneto cover. 

The WERKS Idle Hammer Tamer uses an aluminum bearing carrier. This is machined with the same threads and o-ring seal dimensions as the factory inspection plug. Engineered with an isolated bearing design, the roller bearing does not actually touch the aluminum. This isolation is key to absorbing the movements that cause idle hammer, as well as allow for some misalignment with the crankshaft fitted support shaft.

​Figure 2  Test threading the bearing carrier

Next install the rotor fastener/shaft. Put a few drops of the included loctite on the threads and using an 18mm socket tighten in place. 


$184.99  Price includes shipping to US and International destinations. 


​Idle Hammer Tamer    2014+  DL 1000      $184.99


WERKS Parts LLC reserves the right to change specifications at any time. 

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