Letting you know that the Quiet Ride screen arrived yesterday, was fitted this morning and tested out over a 3 hour ride this afternoon.
It was indeed a quiet ride!, everything it claims to be. I’m a fan.
Prior to the Quiet Ride I had been using the OEM screen without even thinking about a replacement. But then I had a bluetooth speaker system fitted to my helmet so I could 
listen to music on long rides. The only problem was that the wind noise at highway speeds from the OEM screen drowned out the music.
Not any more! Music will now be an enjoyable part of my longer rides.
In my earlier emails to you I was concerned about the Quiet Ride screen hitting the aftermarket handle bar mounted mirrors I had fitted, when the steering lock was engaged. 
As you thought, this did not turn out to be a problem. If anything the clearance is now greater - 1.5cm rather than 1cm.
Thank you for your help and guidance during my purchase, and the speed between placing my order and it turning up at my front door.

I received my Quiet Ride a week ago and wanted to provide some feedback.  My wife and I both wear Nolan N40 3/4 helmets, we also have a Sargent World Sport Performance Plus Seat, regular height, set on the low level.  I noticed that the new shield it was much quieter than the v-stream right away.  One of the things I didn't like about the v-stream was lack of air movement for me and it needed to be raised higher than I would like and my wife still wasn't happy.  I can keep the quiet shield quite low and still have good wind protection and more fresh air.  Yes it is also quieter.  I like to keep my helmet shield open one click for fresh air/cooling.    
I'll still raise the quiet ride higher for her than if I'm riding by myself - but she was amazed by the improvement.  She feels that the air goes around her more as compared to the air coming around me on the v-stream.  She also remarked that she can hear the engine now, which she didn't before.  Stock exhaust.  I've also noticed I can hear the engine v. the wind before.   
Thanks for a much improved ride!

After doing my research online I decided to go with the WERKS Quiet Ride windscreen for my 2017 R1200RT.  The BMW windscreen does a great job but I wasn't happy with the buffeting and noise at speeds upwards of 70MPH, particularly when raised to 80% and above.  Additionally, when caught in rain I don't like looking through the windscreen so I ride with it just below my line of sight but the water beads roll off the top and hit me straight in the visor.  For reference I'm 5'8" with 31" inseams and 175 pounds, I went with the 26" windscreen rather than the 24" primarily because I wanted to have the maximum amount of coverage available to me and my passenger without having to raise the screen to its maximum height.  After just over 300 miles riding in weather ranging from 33 to 47 degrees in the Northeast I'm happy to say that I'm a huge fan.  First thing I noticed was the noise reduction, wind noise is practically non-existing (I ride with ear plugs) and the difference between the FOM and Quiet Ride is night and day.  Secondly, no buffeting and no turbulent airflow on my arms and shoulders.  I haven't had to raise the windscreen more than 2" in order to stay totally comfortable.  Optical clarity I find it to be very close the original screen.   
Overall very happy with my purchase and the support from Terry who's been incredibly helpful taking my calls and answering questions.

This is just a belated follow-up. I have been riding with my new windshield for a couple of weeks now and just wanted to tell you how happy I am with it. You nailed it, buddy! This is the best windshield I've had on any motorcycle I've owned. This and my Russel Day Long are the two best additions to this bike I've made. At the Billings Rally I talked to Schuberth about my faceshield popping closed while riding and they told me it was purposely designed to close at 35mph. Not too bad since my previous windshields didn't snap it closed until 55mph or so. I have run with your windshield at speeds over 70mph with my face shield completely open and this is with the shield only raised about 2 inches and well below my line of sight. Smooth is the word that comes to mind with your shield...smooth and quiet. I bet you sell a ton of these. Any 2014 RT riders not using your shield simply don't know what they're missing. Best of luck. See you down the road!

My shield arrived yesterday and I put it on this morning.  Just got back from a 50 mile ride.  It is FANTASTIC!  I have it raised maybe 2/3 of fully up.  It is quiet, I can listen to my radio without it blaring.  I was able to raise my seat to the high position and it is more comfortable.  It is all I wanted...and more!  And, compliments to the fit.  I took off the stock shield, followed the Quiet Ride instructions and the shield went on easily (certainly much, much better than the Aeroflow!!).  I’m very satisfied.  Cant’t wait to take a proper ride.  Thanks for your response when I called and for making a quality product!

Follow up report on the shield:
1600 mile week , with 1200 on highways, and another couple hundred since getting home and this shield is definitely  quieter and less buffeting than the cee bailey.
 I can ride faster before having to raise it at all, which I like because the shield is less noticeable that way, and when raising it I can still keep it a bit lower than the CB with excellent results, and with a passenger the quiet is noticeable back there too.


just thought I’d drop you a note. I installed your windshield today as planned, and went for a quick solo ride to try it out. I did about 60 miles (100K) at various speeds, including pretty fast on the local motorway and I have to say that so far it works as advertised!
It is considerably quieter both in noise and turbulences, and the beauty of it is that I didn’t need to raise it that much, just a couple of inches or so. No back draft, less noise and turbulences. 
So thank you for your recommendation to go with the 26”, it works perfect. The fun part is that the faster you go the better it gets. I guess you managed to create some sort of more laminar airflow around the sitting area.


Follow up post:  We rode about 1000 miles over the Labor Day weekend and not once did she tell me to raise the shield. Not that she does to often but there has been times over our 40000+ miles on RT's that she has wanted the windshield raised to keep her from being a bobble head..... Like I've said in other posts it's not perfect but I've tried all the rest and think this will be the one I use!

For a variety of reasons a windshield upgrade was not a priority for my 2014 R1200RT. The stock unit leaves some to be desired but seemed good enough and is miles ahead of the stock unit of the oilhead. I had an early Seceom on my 2000 RT. It was a significant upgrade but at the cost of visual distortion and material that scratched easily. The visual distortion was pronounced in the area of the “flip.

Then the Werks shield was introduced and the promised improvements were intriguing. Sealing the deal was an introductory discount which basically covered the cost of shipping. 

I connected with Werks via the vendor forum. The order process was straight forward and Terry at Werks responded almost immediately. The order was confirmed on a Thursday and by the following Thursday the shield had been delivered to my front door via FedEx. 

I have just over 100 miles of mixed riding on the clock and could not be happier. The fit and finish is flawless and, most importantly, the shield performs advertised. I am just shy of 6’ tall and bought the standard height, a perfect fit. In the down position there is enough air flow for summer cooling. When the shield is raised the difference in wind protection is stunning. Even at 70mph the stock speakers are usable. The shield has a mild flip at the top but there is no visual distortion. The shield material is crystal clear and seems better than stock. A lot of promises are made on the Werks website and this shield lives up to those promises. 

Great upgrade.

Quiet Ride Reviews

I have the Werks Quiet Ride screen, and it is incredible. I am 6', with a 33" inseam. I got the 24" screen, and it is perfect. The clarity is great, and the wind protection is the best I've experienced. I had a VStream screen on my '08 RT, and it cannot compare with the Quiet Ride. I'm really impressed with it!

After riding with the quiet ride windshield for 1000 miles so far I can say in my opinion that's it's better than the others I've tried and I think I've tried them all!! Is it perfect? No but for the most part you can keep it below line of sight (5'10" 32" inseam) and it does a good job. Truck traffic on interstate is weird just like any other windshield I've ever had. Tailwind and its exceptionally quiet crosswind is ok no real buffeting. Is that a word? Overall it's a keeper as long as the finish holds up. All I use is water cloth diaper and the. Furniture polish

​Call me a skeptic.  How can a guy in Texas make a better windscreen than the German engineers at BMW?  After reading many glowing reviews, I made the purchase. I must now say, I am AMAZED!  This is my glowing review.  Stock windshield - loud wind blast hit me right in the face.  Had to raise it significantly to get a smooth and quiet airflow over my head. Installed the Werks Quiet Ride and took a test ride.  I immediately noticed a big difference - not a subtle change.  Most definitely a very smooth and quiet airflow over my helmet with the windscreen at the lowest position.  Helmet face shield fully open with no wind blast in my face. The Werks Quiet Ride is an astounding improvement over the stock shield!

200 miles on Terry's screen yesterday, and so far results are stellar. Besides being eerily quiet at highway speed, the shield itself is in quite a low position to achieve the same level of wind / noise / buffeting protection as stock - and because the Terry shield's top slopes DOWN away from the rider instead of up toward him like stock, the field of vision unobstructed by the optical distortion of looking through a shield is dramatically increased. I'm impressed so far! I must say I wasn't complaining with the stock screen, but this is a definite improvement - one of those items you don't know you'd like to upgrade until you actually try a better alternative.

Looking forward to taking it out into the stormy rain tomorrow for more testing.