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22" Short            WERKS Quiet Ride Windshield           $210

24" Standard      WERKS Quiet Ride Windshield             $215

26"     Tall            WERKS Quiet Ride Windshield            $235

28" Extra Tall      WERKS Quiet Ride Windshield          $255

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Many hours and miles of testing went into the Quiet Ride windshields now offered. The goal was a windshield that produced smoother airflow at all positions, better protected the riders upper torso from cross winds and traffic turbulence. But the most important goal was a windshield that you did NOT have to look through to get calm, quiet airflow! That is where the stock and other aftermarket windshields we tested against really come up short. You will run the Quiet Ride lower than other screens while still getting a calmer, quieter ride. The difference this makes in vision and comfort is considerable. If you ride with a passenger, they will thank you for getting a Quiet Ride! Huge improvement over stock and other aftermarket designs.

That experience is what brought about the research, fabrication, and testing to provide the best aero package available. The 2014 and newer RT is designed for long distance travel. That means cruising at higher speeds for hours on end at times. The stock screen just doesn't work very well for that. The ultimate test of an aero package is 75+ mph with large truck traffic around you and riding into a headwind or having substantial crosswinds. Many find that the factory windscreen is so turbulent in those conditions it is actually more comfortable to leave it in the lowered position. No motorcycle windshield can remove all buffeting in conditions like mentioned above. You would have to be near fully enclosed! But you CAN manage the airflow to significantly control buffeting and noise. Aftermarket windshields are supposed to do that. But all too often an aftermarket windscreen is "developed" over a couple days of having that model in the shop and measuring mounting holes and checking for clearance. Some take a gimmick that might have seemed to work in earlier cases and apply it to the new product. Many times these are better than the stock screen they replace, most simply due to increased height or width. 

If you have ever ridden a motorcycle with a really good aero package, you know how hard it is to accept anything less!

WERKS Quiet Ride  The name says it all!


Unsolicited video made by a happy customer!

This is a TINTED 24" Quiet Ride.

US Customers ( Except Texas and California )      Extra Tall (28")     $255

                                                                                           Free Shipping!

US Customers ( Except Texas and California )      Tall height (26")          $235

                                                                                                            Free Shipping!

US Customers  ( Except Texas and California )      Standard height  (24")  $215

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WERKS Quiet Ride windshields for the 2014 and newer R 1200 RT are available in four sizes. Short ( 22" tall ), Standard ( 24" tall ),Tall ( 26" tall ), and Extra Tall ( 28" tall ). The 22" version is for those that have a short Torso and ride on a low seat height. The 24" verison is about the same size as the factory windshield if measured in the center of both. Do NOT mistake that for reduced performance! The 26" version is going to act a lot taller than stock. If you have a tall torso, ride on a taller aftermarket seat, have bar risers on the bike, this might be a good choice. I am 5' 11" with a tall torso. With a taller than average Russell Day-Long seat and bar risers I prefer the 26" screen. Before the bar risers the 24" was all I wanted. The 28" screen is for those well over 6' tall sitting on tall seats. All measurements are taken from the bottom of the screen to the top in the center.​ All versions are approximately  21 1/2" wide right before the top of the screen where the curve starts. They are approximately 24 1/2" wide at the widest point. Both measurements taken flat across the back of the screen. 


WERKS Parts LLC offers replacement windshields only. No mounting hardware, mounting brackets, mounting kits and/or any accessories (required for installation) will be included with the purchase of our Replacement Windshield. *If you do not currently have the original factory hardware, you will not be able to install our replacement windshield. 

*Installation is done by simply removing your existing/current original shield, and replacing it with this one using the the same hardware from your previous stock/oem windshield. A T25 TORX bit is the only tool required. Screwdriver handle is recommended, do NOT use a ratchet. A GENTLE snugging is all that is required.*

Manufactured in the United States of America. Handcrafted from high quality cast Acrylic specified for optical clarity. 3/16" (.187) thick, similar to the original factory shield. All holes are CNC drilled to match the factory specifications. 

Light Tint

Fits all 2014-2020 BMW R 1200 RT Motorcycles. 





STANDARD  24" Quiet Ride

US Customers ( Except Texas and California )   Short height (22")    $210 

                                                                                                             Free Shipping!




Texas and California customers:Includes sales tax.    Standard height (24")    $232.74

                                                                                                                     Free Shipping!





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This is a very light tint. Adds a nice finished look to the bike. Fill out form above, ask for invoice including tint option. An invoice will be e-mailed for secure online payment


24" height

Texas and California customers: Includes sales tax.    Short height  (22")          $227.33

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Light Tint

Texas and California customers:Includes sales tax.          Extra Tall  (28")                $276.04

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Texas and California customers: Includes sales tax.      Tall height (26")              $254.39

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Engineered, Designed, and Tested by a BMW RT owner and rider.      The only way to get it right!


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Yes, the new R 1250 RT BMW takes the same windshield as the 2014-2018 RT! 


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Light Tint