Two versions now available!  TOURING and ADVENTURE

Both are manufactured from high quality cast acrylic at .177" thickness. This is the best acrylic for optical clarity and impact resistance. The TOURING version is a no compromise part that comes with a mirror setback kit to gain mirror clearance. The TOURING version is simply the quietest, smoothest airflow windshield available for this model V Strom. Because of the no compromise design, there is not enough clearance to run handguards. The ADVENTUREversion is not as wide at any point as the TOURING version. It does not require mirror setbacks and OEM handguards will clear. You will get more air onto you compared to the TOURING version. TOURING version will be quieter! Still in a class by themselves when compared to other options! Both may require adjustment of the handlebars and/or mirrors to gain clearance. 



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24" Quiet Ride Touring clear      $229.95

26" Quiet Ride Touring clear      $239.95

28" Quiet Ride Touring clear      $249.95

Add $15 to above prices for light tint option


Other destinations will have a shipping upcharge. Typically $30 for Canada, $50-$70 International

CNC machined mirror setback kit with hardware included with Touring Quiet Ride


Installation kit includes machined nylon spacers, fasteners,washers, finishing covers.          >

SUZUKI DL 650 V STROM QUIET RIDE WINDSHIELD Second generation 2012-2016

I just got the Werks large windscreen installed. It really made this bike a pleasure to ride. I'm 6'3", stock seat and second from highest setting, all turbulence to the helmet gone. Working out a few kinks on the bike, but as much a pleasure to ride at my ST1100 was (however the engine is quite a bit noisier).

24" Quiet Ride Touring DL 650 2012+ clear  $229.95

28" light tint Quiet Ride shown

21 3/8" from steering stem nut 

to top of screen in high position

< Steering stem acorn nut

28" Quiet Ride Touring DL 650 2012+ clear  



The Quiet Ride Touring windshield for V Strom has two sets of mounting holes. One set is 1.5" above the standard mounting position. This V Strom has 3 sets of mounting holes in the cowl for windshield adjustment. These are approximately 1" apart and add about 2" of height adjustment. That gives a total of 3.5" of height adjustment. While sitting on the bike with stands up, pick a spot about 50' ahead looking forward. This is your reference point for height. Your line of sight from your seated position to this spot 50' ahead is about where you want the top of the Quiet Ride to come to. Use a tape measure or ruler placed at the top of the chrome steering stem nut and measure vertically from there. Someone to hold the measuring device makes this much easier.

If you have ever ridden a motorcycle with a very good aero package, you will know what drives me to develop the Quiet Ride series of windshields. After building the first Quiet Ride for the new BMW RT I knew I could do something for the V Strom community. Well over 2000 miles of testing went into the final design. 3 completely different shapes were tried, each with several modifications done looking for that "Quiet Ride" feeling. The best one became the Quiet Ride V Strom windshield. 

TEXAS and CALIFORNIA  customers please use PayPal buttons below. Price includes Sales Tax.

OEM and aftermarket HAND GUARDS will NOT fit with the Quiet Ride TOURING windshield!

QUIET RIDE TOURING ORDER GUIDE AND PRICING BELOW.  Click HERE to go to the ADVENTURE PAGE does this shield work you say, is it worth losing your hand guards you say? Well I took a nice 850 mile weekend trip down to the deepest recesses of back roads Kentucky in order to really give this screen a full workout, and I will just say that I was left feeling very impressed. I literally rode with my face shield up the majority of the time, I just dropped down my internal tinted visor in my helmet. I did get stuck in 2 hours of a total gully washer, and the protection this screen gave me was unlike anything I have ever had on many bikes I have owned with any screen. There is ZERO buffeting......ZERO, and the still pocket which this shield gives is spectacular. You have 2 mounting hole options on the screen, which you will use depending on how you can see over the screen "its in his directions". For a shield this size, it most certainly does not feel or look like a barn door, matter of fact it looks like it was made for this bike. Hey that makes sense......because it WAS made for this bike.   There was no vibrations or wobble in the screen even up to 90 MPH per GPS "yes I did do that", it is mounted very securely and is very stable. 

One of the biggest take aways for me other than the "quiet ride", was that I felt practically no fatigue after riding all day. You don't fight the wind anymore, this screen solves the issue of us getting beat to hell even at interstate speeds. I had just enough clean air around me in all the right places, to even keep me plenty comfortable when the temps got up to about 80 degrees. Back pressure from a screen can be a real nuisance, and Terry developed this screen to solve that problem for most riders. With any screen there will be trade offs, but for the ultimate touring type screen, I just can't imagine there being a better solution for any type of rider and body type. Yeah I hear the Givi Air Flow is excellent and seems to be the choice of screen for these bikes, but there have also been plenty who it didn't quite work well enough for them.

Hole plugs are included to cover mounting holes not used >




24" Quiet Ride Touring DL 650 2012+ clear w/ sales tax  $248.92

Measure between the top of windshield and top of steering stem nut for height reference.


You will be e-mailed and invoice that allows online payments with credit card or e-check. 

This method is REQUIRED for ALL International sales. This allows an accurate shipping cost to be added. You will be e-mailed a PayPal invoice on all International orders. Paypal invoices can be requested for US customers. 

The Quiet Ride will set a new standard for performance on 2nd generation DL 650 models. Having tried many competitors windshields, even modifying them, none work as well as the Quiet Ride!

28" Touring in light tint


28" Quiet Ride Touring DL 650 2012+ clear w/ sales tax  $270.57

< Top of windshield


The Suzuki line of Quiet Ride windshields has been discontinued! No orders accepted!

All Windshields are custom built and usually ship in 7-9 business days. 48 US state orders ship via UPS, International orders ship United States Postal Service. Tracking information is provided after order ships. 

26" Quiet Ride Touring DL 650 2012+ clear




This option only available for 48 States ( CONUS ) customers. Clear windshields only. For tint, use option #1.


 POLICY AND WARRANTY  Quiet Ride Windshields


As a reference, the 28" Touring Quiet Ride is 21 3/8" from the top of the steering stem nut to the top of the windshield when the 28" screen is mounted in the tallest position. Each screen has 3.5" of adjustment from the top position. The 26" Touring screen would be approximately 20 5/8", the 24" Touring screen approximately 18 7/8". All measured from the top of screen in high position to the steering stem nut. 

Stock V Strom windshields simply don't work very well at higher speeds. Many owners try different aftermarket windshields hoping to reduce buffetting and noise. Due to the design of the bike, it is hard to get a really good aero package. Most aftermarkets screens are at best just an improvement. Far from the final answer. That is what led us to develop the Quiet Ride series for the Suzuki V Strom.


NOTE: All custom designed windshields, and special orders not offered on our website as standard products are final sales. They cannot be returned or exchanged at any time.
In order for a refund or exchange to be possible, the returned item must be returned within 14 days from the delivery date. The item must be returned in the same condition as received (new, unused, undamaged, unmodified, and cannot have been mounted). The item must also be returned in the original packaging and display valid authorization number on outside of package, or they will be refused at delivery. Shipping charges are NOT refundable.


26" Quiet Ride Touring DL 650 2012+ clear w/ sales tax  $259.75