WERKS Parts ships clutch baskets and associated parts via United States Postal Service. Clutch baskets are shipped USPS Priority Mail. 2-3 day arrival after shipping day. International shipping is USPS Priority International. Times vary mainly due to Customs. Typically 7-14 day delivery times. For time sensitive orders we can ship USPS Priority Express. This can be an overnight delivery, but is not guaranteed and certain markets may not be any faster than regular Priority Mail. Cost is $60 for Priority Express for US customers. With either service customers will be e-mailed a tracking number.

                       SHIPPING INFORMATION

WERKS Parts clutch shop will be closed Wed. June 30th through July 16. No clutch shipping or exchange check ins during that time. 

PLEASE take a moment to read these shipping tips. Poor packing leads to broken baskets. We cannot repair broken aluminum on the baskets!


SHIPPING DAMAGE:  Any shipping damage must be reported withing 24 hours of receipt of package! Damage caused by dropping the clutch basket, damage caused by tools inserted in the basket to hold it are NOT covered by warranty or shipping insurance!

                                               EXCHANGE PROGRAM BASKET SHIPPING

Customers are responsible for shipping costs to return their old basket core for refunds due from the exchange program. WERKS Parts uses a specialized packaging process to ship the modified basket to the customer. Pay close attention to how they are packaged when opening the boxes! Flat pieces of cardboard are placed at the top of both boxes to keep the box edge from crushing in on the basket fingers, they work so please use them when return shipping. This makes it very easy and convenient to simply put the old basket core into the box, tape everything up, and take it to the Post Office. No need to clean the clutch basket, just put it in the box. WERKS Parts depends on owners to make the effort to return the used basket cores in a reasonable time. This program is popular and at times we have customers waiting on baskets to be returned so they can be modified and shipped to the next customer. 



                                                                        SHIPPING TO WERKS PARTS

                                                                                                WERKS Parts 

                                                                                                Terry Hinkle

                                                                                                4731 Forest Trail

                                                                                                Missouri City, Texas   77459   United States of America

Use the address above. PLEASE DO NOT USE SIGNATURE DELIVERY! Too often the mail carrier won't walk back to the shop for the signature. That means a trip to the Post Office, if we have time, to pick up the package. This can delay return by 1-3 days. You can still use signature delivery, just be aware of the delays involved. UPS, FedEx, DHL, Canada Post all deliver to this address, so if you want to ship with these carriers there will be no problem.

                                                        PACKING YOUR CLUTCH BASKET​

We only need the clutch basket ( Primary Gear, driven- in Suzuki terms). Which is the aluminum basket with the riveted on steel gear. There is a small steel gear on the backside of the basket, held on with a large snap ring. This is the oil pump drive gear. It can be left on if you wish as we have the correct tool to remove it and reinstall it easily for you. We do NOT want the inner hub or any of the clutch discs! 

The most reliable method to ship these is to cut corrugated cardboard into strips around 4" tall. Place 3 layers of these around the outer diameter of the basket, using a bit of tape to keep them in place. No need for anything inside the basket. The fingers on the aluminum basket are very fragile and easily broken in shipping. This comes from being smacked into something hard, especially when the basket is loose in a box! So, take the time to pack it tightly in the box so it stays centered and is cushioned. Putting the basket into a smaller box, then that box into a bigger one with the void filled with packing material never hurts! Customers are responsible for adequate packing and if one arrives broken we will contact you right away in case you want to put a claim in with the shipper.