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28" Quiet Ride ADVENTURE clear

Pre assembling the fasteners makes the job of aligning them into the well nuts easier. You will have 4 stainless steel phillips head fasteners with a white nylon cap retainer. With each of these install one of the 8 black nylon washers onto the fastener. Then place this through the appropriate mounting hole. Next install another of the black nylon washers. Next install the machined black nylon spacer. THE ROUNDED END OF THE SPACER MUST FACE THE WINDSHIELD! You will have a length of the fastener sticking out below the spacer. Slide one of the very small o-rings onto the fastener and work it up against the spacer. This will keep the spacer and other components from sliding down the fastener during installation. Do all four mounting holes like this. 


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Comments on the new WERKS Quiet Ride Adventure model.
Shortly after I bought my 2104 V-Strom 650, I replaced the stock windshield with the Givi Airflow. The Givi was a definite improvement over the stock shield, but I was looking for the quiet ride that my previous bike, a 97 BMW R1100RT, with Cee Baileys shield gave me.
Almost all of my riding is touring solo with speeds of about the posted limit + 7. I never had a noticeable buffet problem, I was just looking for a bubble of quiet air.
After about 18 thousand miles with the Airflow, I tried a WERKS Quiet Ride Adventure model windshield. No buffeting and almost no noise. After I fine tuned it for the correct height, I noticed on my test ride that my face shield was up for over 25 miles at 75 mph, and I had not noticed. It was a definite upgrade from the GIVI airflow- there will be no going back for me.
I do have mirror extensions, but they move my stock mirrors out and not back. No problems with stock hand guards or mirrors clearing the shield.
For reference, I'm 6' tall with a 32 inch inseam and sit on a RDL saddle.

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As a reference, the 28" ADVENTURE Quiet Ride is 21 3/8" from the top of the steering stem nut to the top of the windshield when the 28" screen is mounted in the tallest position. Each screen has 3.5" of adjustment from the top position. The 26" Touring screen would be approximately 20 5/8", the 24" Touring screen approximately 18 7/8". All measured from the top of screen in high position to the steering stem nut. 

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The Quiet Ride Touring windshield for V Strom has two sets of mounting holes. One set is 1.5" above the standard mounting position. This V Strom has 3 sets of mounting holes in the cowl for windshield adjustment. These are approximately 1" apart and add about 2" of height adjustment. That gives a total of 3.5" of height adjustment. While sitting on the bike with stands up, pick a spot about 50' ahead looking forward. This is your reference point for height. Your line of sight from your seated position to this spot 50' ahead is about where you want the top of the Quiet Ride to come to. Use a tape measure or ruler placed at the top of the chrome steering stem nut and measure vertically from there. Someone to hold the measuring device makes this much easier.

Quiet Ride ADVENTURE series for 2012-2016 Suzuki DL 650

Stock V Strom windshields simply don't work very well at higher speeds. Many owners try different aftermarket windshields hoping to reduce buffetting and noise. Due to the design of the bike, it is hard to get a really good aero package. Most aftermarkets screens are at best just an improvement. Far from the final answer. That is what led us to develop the Quiet Ride series for the Suzuki V Strom.


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24" Quiet Ride ADVENTURE clear

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Our Quiet Ride TOURING version was developed as a no compromise solution for long distance touring and for those that wanted the smoothest, most quiet ride for everyday use. There are still owners that wanted a compromise that allowed use of OEM handguards and wanted a bit more airflow onto them. Our Quiet Ride ADVENTURE windshield is the result of working with owners and testing to develop the best package that allowed use of OEM handguards and did not require aftermarket mirror solutions for clearance. The ADVENTURE model is a narrower version with some minor shape changes of the Touring model. The narrower width, along with the same spaced mounting hardware, still give excellent control of air coming off the windshield, more air onto the riders torso. There is a bit more air reaching the upper body and a bit more noise from that compared to the Touring model. Compared to other screens, it is still in a class of its own! 


Remove the 4 fasteners holding the stock windshield. There should be 4 rubber well nuts left in place on the cowl of the DL 650. These can be used to install the Adventure screen, they can be moved to either of the two other mounting hole positions. Included in the hardware kit for your Adventure screen are (4) M5 rubber well nuts. These can be used instead of the stock pieces or kept for spares. DO NOT PUSH ON THE WELL NUT WITH THE STAINLESS FASTENER WHEN INSTALLING THE SCREEN! Well nuts are easily pushed through their mounting hole and all too often lost. 

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26" Quiet Ride ADVENTURE clear


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26" Quiet Ride ADVENTURE clear

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28" Quiet Ride ADVENTURE clear

 POLICY AND WARRANTY  Quiet Ride Windshields


24" Quiet Ride ADVENTURE clear


24" Quiet Ride ADVENTURE clear

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You are now ready to place the windshield into position and start the fasteners. This needs a bit of patience and a bit of gentleness! Do NOT push hard against the well nuts as they will pop through the cowl panel and may be lost! Get one or two of the fastener into the well nut and then using a phillips screwdriver thread them in several turns. Then start the remaining fasteners and thread them several turns. Once all are started, snug them down. There is not a torque value. You will feel the well nut tighten up and then just another twist or two will be optimum. MAKE SURE THE WELL NUT IS FLAT AGAINST THE COWL PANEL, IF IT IS AWAY FROM THE PANEL, IT WON'T HOLD! You can gently wiggle the screen and watch the fastener/mounting hardware to make sure they are held fast and not moving around easily. *****YOU MUST CHECK FOR CLEARANCE BETWEEN MIRRORS AND ANY OTHER ACCESSORIES INSTALLED BEFORE RIDING***** You may have to rotate the handlebar rearward, adjust the mirror stems, adjust the mirror mounts or a combination of these to obtain clearance.

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26" Quiet Ride ADVENTURE clear


After installation and a test ride, you may find you want to change the mounting position. Just reverse the procedure above and either select the other mounting hole pattern or reposition the well nuts. There is about 3 1/2" of height adjustment available with the Adventure screen!

28" Adventure

Shown in light tint for better resolution

28" Quiet Ride ADVENTURE clear




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